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And Now, The 16-Bit Versions Of Your Favorite (Current) WWE Entrance Themes


WWE 16-bit entrance themes

Last week we shared with you the K.K. Slider version of the Wyatt Family’s ‘Broken Out In Love.’ The two major reactions were 1) “I didn’t know I needed this in my life,” and 2) “I want K.K. Slider to do versions of every WWE theme.”

Well, K.K. Slider isn’t singing about voices or too many limes yet, but the fine folks over at 16 Bit Themes have started putting together … well, 16 Bit Themes for current WWE Superstars and they are OUTSTANDING. It’s not the big stars, either. Instead of Cena and Orton and the guys you’d expect, they’re doing SNES covers for people nerds like me like, like Sami Zayn and Cesaro. They’ve even already done covers of the new Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins entrance themes, which I couldn’t recognize if you played them without Dean or Seth wandering toward me.

Here are a few of…

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